my daughter

12 03 2007

Finally first spring sun peeped out from behind the clouds! I with my daughter went out skating on roller skates. She was dreaming about this all winter. She likes winter with all its snow and ice, but her dream was namely roller skates. We have a little place for skating in our apartment. But street – is another thing. Now she asks me to take them to her kindergarten.


Funny Story – new mobail phone

20 02 2007

Funny Story!
My friend has bought new phone. He decided to call his brother, but that didn’t answered.
After several minutes his brother called:
– Do you like to boast of your new phone?

– Yes.

– But it’s bad!


– Only after celebration of your mobile purchase, it will be working properly!

– Oh, no! That’ll be the day! Whoever I call – he/she didn’t answer, but call me up. So this is a very good phone!


16 02 2007

Chinas Arms BuildupMy friends have recently came from China! They brought very tasty tea and a lot of impresions.
We spent the whole evening in fron of TV watching their video.
It is a tremendous and interesting country.
It’s a pity that the  nature has been polluted so much. 

china new


china photo

china town

china map

when becomes an adult

15 02 2007

I do my best to teach my son, to bring him up in a proper way and ask myself a question: what will he make when becomes an adult? In what manner will he bring up his children and what will he say to them? What will be the main for him?
What occupation will he choose and what will he spend his time on? All the mysteries are onwards.