my old friend

18 07 2007

This morning I was going to drive to my office and I have met my old friend. He was in a bad mood. “What happened?” I asked. “My wife has laid a bad trip on me” was the answer. “How?” “She always goes to bed at down!” “And what she does by nights?”“She waits till I come home.”


Maldives II

14 06 2007

At night I dream about sea and Maldives! How much I want to go back there!


30 05 2007

I just came back from Maldives. It is an amazing beautiful country with kind and welcoming people!






25 04 2007

I’m asking myself – why large companies only by word of mouth talk about their campaigns’ transparence. And when something bad happens, for example like with BP, and then it turns out that governing body was deceiving everybody. Is it true that economic system on our society depends on several persons?May be people that work in such companies and know about the real situation have to describe it in their blogs?

By the way, I’ve found one interesting site where I can keep my best links.

Iran monuments

13 04 2007


I don’t know what was the problem of posting my pictures several days ago, but best of them I can post only today.
If only people had seen those beautiful monuments in Iran, they would understand that bombing of this works is a crime. It’s the same like to deforest Brazil or Siberia only because of money. How will our children breath?


7 04 2007

I’ve just returned from Iran – really striking historical monuments!






rich man

28 03 2007

One rich man came to an undertaker’s office.

“I would like that on my funeral will play the best orchestra in the town and my coffin will stay in the A hotel’s lobby. This will allow to my friends to bid farewell to me. I wish everything will be on the top level!” And then the employee of the undertaker’s office asked: “and what music would you like to listen?”